Other Designs

This is a collection of other designs, such as gadgets and jewelry for men.

USB Decoration

This crocodile will never let you forget which USB cable is which and which side is up. It fits on flat USB cables

 Customizable Key Sleeve

Customized key sleeve. You can adjust the text and size and see the result in a render. Measurements are all in milimeter. Some extra space is already calculated in for making sure it fits around the key. You need to measure the following things: -key diameter (width of the round part) -key thickness (probably around 2 mm) -key hole (for around the key chain, if unsure take 4-5mm) -distance key hole to top of the key (if unsure, take 1/6 of the diameter and look at the render if the proportions fit)

Hidden pockets

I love wearing dresses and skirts, especially when going out. However, these clothes often don’t have any pockets. No place for money, keys or cards. It’s okay if you like to drag a bag everywhere you go, or you have a boyfriend with pockets that volunteers as living bag that also has to go everywhere you want to. But I don’t like bags when I’m dancing. And I don’t like stuffing my bra with coins. It looks so ordinary, grabbing in you bra to pay for you drink. I even tried putting things in my boots, adviced by a friend. That resulted in us both standing next to the bar, taking of a boot to search for some coins that had bothered my toes the whole time I was dancing. It was not a look I liked. So I designed these hidden pockets, available in two different sizes. The small pockets are hidden under clothing or inside a booth, while the outer part is decorated and looks nice.  It can fit some folded paper money, coins or a small key. It’s discreet, practical and pretty.

Tie Clip

Tie clips are perfect gifts for the men whose only jewelry is a watch, and he has many of them already. This stylish tie clip suits the fashionable men. It’s unique shape lightens up every tie at an affordable price. For very thin ties, the clip might need to be pushed together a bit more manually in order for a perfect fit.